Party Wall Systems

Gyprock Party Wall Systems are designed to provide a separating wall between dwellings that are side-by-side such as town houses. The systems feature discontinuous construction and offer acoustic performance to a standard of Rw+Ctr 50.

The systems are also fire resistant (FRL 60/60/60) and offer the added benefit of design freedom – achieved with double load bearing walls (when supporting non-fire rated structures only). The design allows services including water and electricity to be run within the wall frame, without affecting the system’s performance.


Gyprock Party Wall Intertenancy systems are designed as separating walls for class 1 and 10 buildings. Systems are available for steel and timber framed buildings with FRL 60/60/60 and sound ratings to meet BCA requirements and offer the flexibility of internal linings to cover individual room needs.

The systems are lightweight and can be installed rapidly without the use of wet trades. They have some elements that are common to the adjoining buildings, and are suitable for buildings with shared title on single allotments.

System Advantages

  • Steel and timber frame options

  • Systems for Rw+Ctr 50 and discontinuous construction

  • Linings installed as for non-rated systems

  • No setting joints of central fire barrier

  • Services simply incorporated

  • Minimal use of sealants

  • Fibre cement options in wet areas

  • Rapid installation

  • No additional trades required

  • Solutions to avoid mould growth during construction