Stud & Track 

Steel wall framing systems provide a durable, practical and lightweight structures for internal plasterboard walls to create attractive spaces within buildings, or external wall systems to provide direct support of the exterior cladding and interior linings.

When it comes to wall partitions that are perfect for a multiple-tenancy building, Rondo's range of solutions has everything you might need. The acoustic barrier wall systems are great for keeping noise levels between apartments to a minimum and our steel frames also offer solid support points for heavy additions such as television sets, hand rails and even windows or doors.

Acoustic Assemblies

Acoustic Mounts that complement the range of wall and ceiling systems and have been tested to comply with the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) and New Zealand Building Codes (NZBC).

Our new Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Systems Manual shows how our systems comply with all relevant codes and will help designers and engineers to design their next project with confidence.

Ceiling Systems 

Our ceiling systems are highly innovative and of superior quality, with both concealed grid or exposed grid options, we have a solution available to meet acoustic, fire-rated, wind loading and seismic design requirements.

From a ceiling system with the grid either concealed or exposed, directly-fixed to the structure above or suspended, through to trafficable ceilings, Rondo has everything you might need. When you can't stand seeing unsightly services or when you need to reduce sound transmitted through the floor, the expertly engineered ceiling designs from Rondo will perform well.