R & D Sayers Plaster Compounds


Solutions for fixing plasterboard and cornice to timber, steel and masonry surfaces

Base Coats

The first two coats of a three coat joining system, Gyprock base coats offer superior adhesion and are the foundation for a perfect finish.


Gyprock topping compounds are developed to be easy to apply and sand to provide a smooth finish in a three coat jointing system.


The most versatile of our compounds, Gyprock all-purpose compounds can be used as all three coats in a jointing system.

Cornice Cement 

Gyprock Cornice Cement is used for fixing Gyprock cornice at wall and ceiling junctions where the substrate is plasterboard or fibre cement. It is also used for finishing cornice joints and mitres.


Sealants for caulking penetrations and joints for moisture, fire and acoustic performance.

Speciality Compounds 

Product options to enable mould creation, casting of fibre-reinforced products, specialty jointing and coating applications.